Is there a cFE library for linear algebra? If not, is there any interest in developing one? I’ve written some functions which support arbitrary size matrix multiplication, norm computation, vector subtraction and addition, and outer products. The only requirement is compiling with C99 compatibility.

If there’s interest, I can see with my employer under which conditions this code can be released. I’d also change the tests to be more thorough (currently the algorithms are documented in Python for manual verification).


P..S.: Although “arbitrary” sizes are supported, keep in mind there is a limit on the space available in memory. In addition, note that the matrix multiplication algorithm is not optimized and therefore runs in O(n^3).

  • the_other_james
    Is there anything that makes your library cFE specific? Would it be applicable to other embedded systems running C? I don’t know of any cFE libraries for linear algebra, but I wonder if Meschach or GSL could be used.
  • crabotin
    No, nothing makes it cFE specific, and it’s still quite basic. And yes, it works for embedded C without any external libraries. I don’t know of GSL or Meschach, but if these are for embedded C, then I would expect them to work on cFE as well.
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