Get Involved

There are many ways to participate in the cFS community.  You can participate in the technical discussions on this website’s Support pages and on the cFS community mailing list. You can join the cFS mailing list by sending an email to cFS Admin requesting to join.

There are also multiple community product roles as shown below.

cFS Community Product Roles

  • If you are a NASA employee or contractor, you may be able to participate in the development and maintenance of the NASA framework.
  • If you have a component or distribution that you would like to make available to the community, you can have it displayed in this website’s catalogs.

Please send an email to cFS Admin identifying your request.

Flight Software Workshop

The cFS community also uses the annual FSW Workshop to discuss the current programmatic/technical status and strategic plans. There are also several technical cFS presentations throughout the workshop. Previous workshop presentations can be found at  FSW Workshop.