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    I know there are a lot of large missions utilizing or currently planning to use cFS. I was curious to set out a feeler on how many missions are active on the forums and get a feel for each one. I’ll start by explaining the mission I’m a apart of currently and hope that others will follow:

    Simulation-To-Flight-1 (STF-1)

    The primary objective of this mission is to demonstrate the utility of the NOS (NASA Operational Simulator) technologies across the CubeSat development cycle, from concept planning to mission operations. The STF-1 mission will demonstrate a highly portable simulation and test platform that allows seamless transition of mission development artifacts to flight products. The environment will decrease the development time of future CubeSat missions by lessening the dependency on hardware resources. The secondary objective of this mission is to advance engineering and physical-science research currently being developed at West Virginia University. Specifically, the STF-1 mission has three science goals in the areas of navigation, magnetosphere-ionosphere coupling and space weather, and the performance and durability of Gallium III-V Nitride-based materials.

    The product, currently still undergoing development, of the primary objective is the NASA Operational Simulator for Small Satellites (NOS3). This builds upon the NOS core middle-ware, NOS Engine, to include a full suite of CubeSat simulations in one simple virtual machine platform that is able to compile, build, and execute on a laptop. NOS3 utilizes cFS, 42, and COSMOS to provide a fully open source solution for CubeSat flight software development, test, and operations.

    For more information on either please visit or



    I’ll give a brief answer for the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. Unfortunately it’s filled with acronyms. I can expand if needed. We have multiple missions in orbit. I’ll list the ones currently in development.
    Technology: DTN
    Balloon: GHAPS
    Cubesats: Dellingr, CeRes
    ISS Instruments: NICER, GEDI
    Spacecraft/Instruments: PACE/OCI, WFIRST/WFI, Restore-L



    4 boxes on the Orion MPCV are running CFS.


    Beth Timmons

    Robotic Refueling Mission 3 (RRM3) and ISS SpaceCube Experiment Mini (ISEM) are using CFS. Both are ISS experiments. ISEM development is complete, RRM3 development is in progress.



    At LaRC, I am using cFS on ARCSTONE, an IIP effort for a cubesat that will measure lunar irradiance.

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