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    Hello, all. I am looking at using COSMOS with cFE/cFS on the ARCSTONE project here at NASA Langley. I expect to be using a spacecraft bus with its own configuration for COSMOS, but I will be adding cFE, cFS configuration to that setup in the near future.

    I was wondering if anyone has configured COSMOS for cFE/cFS, or whether anyone is interested in working on this.

    I found a link to one attempt to do this,, updated 2 years ago. This project appears to encode commands and telemetry, which is a great help, but not tables, limits, common telemetry screens, common data retrievals, or any other kind of configuration that is available.

    Thank you!



    Hi nsmryan, I’m working on a project at Goddard that is using cFS and COSMOS. We have some repos setup for configuring COSMOS and some cFS applications (as ruby gems, which is pretty convenient). I’m not sure if you can access the our gitlab server… can you find me on slack (same username) or email me ( james [dot] marshall [dash] 1 [at] nasa [dot] gov)?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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