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    I am lost. I need to connect cFS to raspberry pi but I am not sure how to even get started. I read documentation for each application and layer. However, how do I integrate all the applications together. Throughout the doxygen html files in user_guides, it refers to “cFS App integration Guide” however, I am not able to find this document. Please help.

    From my understanding, cFS is a framework, but how do we even use it or code with it.



    Hi awknguyen,

    Would you mind posting this to the Q/A section ( We are re-organizing a bit, and I think the Q/A section is probably the best bet for getting a question seen.

    When asking questions, please try to be as specific as possible. What have you tried, what did you expect to happen, what actually happened, etc. These details make it much easier for folks to give helpful answers, and also make your questions more useful to future users.

    I know that it can be hard to ask specific questions when just starting out. We really need to put together some better “getting started” type tutorials to help newcomers. Unfortunately, everyone is busy, so these are going to take a long time to get together. If you would like to contribute, then could you keep track of the reference materials that you used and post them to the forum (something like, “Helpful resources for newcomers.”)? If you really want to go above an beyond, you could write some tutorials yourself… but I realize that that is a big ask.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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