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Features of cFS

Software Architecture Design Features The cFS is a software suite that was designed to help develop flight quality software with reduced cost and schedule. The cFS embraces processes such as reuse, development standards, collaboration, and open source. The cFS provides a full suite of innovative features and offers well thought out solutions to the changing […]

Benefits of cFS

cFS is a complete software engineering solution that includes a set of components with reusable requirements, source code, design documentation, development standards, unit tests, functional build and system tests, test artifacts, tool suite, user’s guides, and ground system command and telemetry database templates: Provides a common, reusable product line approach to embedded software development Allows […]


Applications and cFS

THE FIELD OF AEROSPACE Projects across the aerospace industry can benefit greatly by using the Core Flight System (cFS) or similar architectures. This has been recognized by NASA, industry, Department of Defense, US intelligence community, CCSDS, and the European Space Agency (Reference Similar Activities document). Note that cFS developers are actively involved with these other […]