This is a little belated news…  On Monday 12/12/16 we held a cFS Workshop that kicked off the week-long Flight Software Workshop. It was well attended both in person and online.  Unfortunately we didn’t have two-way communication for the people online but we hope to fix that for next time.  A special thanks to the FSW workshop coordinators Aerospace Corp, Jet Propulsion Lab, and the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab and to the many sponsors.  The cFS presentations have been posted to

We had lots of very good discussions and great feedback from the community.  While we remain resource challenged we hope to bring you some changes during 2017.  We haven’t fully work out the organizational changes but at a minimum I would like to hold quarterly public meetings that help connect and engage organizations and people with what’s going on within NASA. An announcement for a March meeting will be coming soon.

I will also start to facilitate collaborative projects. There are multiple potential projects but after the workshop it became apparent that a couple have high priority and we can start with them and then expand as needed.  These include the Simulink Interface Layer (SIL) used to generate cFS applications from Simulink models, a common COSMOS database, and the Software Bus Network (SBN) application used to bridge the Software Bus across processors.

So what exactly does ‘facilitate’ mean? At the moment it means connecting the right people, aligning efforts when it makes sense, trying to bring a single product to the community, and maintaining communication using this website and the quarterly public meetings.

I look forward to a prosperous cFS year building a bridge to space, not a wall!!

Dave McComas