Welcome to the new cFS website.  This website is intended to help engage the cFS community allowing for more participation and collaboration. Some key initial communication features include:

Q&A – Users can post questions and answers and vote on the best answers. This is intended to get answers to specific questions.

Forum – Provides a platform where users can discuss and debate topics in which they have an interest.

Blogs – Used to post newsworthy items and when someone has something substantial and thoughtful to share. Allows a much deeper exploration of a narrow topic.

Knowledge Base – This section provides reference material in the form of articles and publications.

We’re holding the 2nd Annual cFS Workshop (http://flightsoftware.jhuapl.edu/) on 12/12/16 at the Beckman Institute Auditorium on the Caltech Campus.  We’ll be discussing how to further enhance the website to meet the community’s needs.  If you have any immediate feedback please send comments to info@coreflightsystem.org.  Look for more news to be posted regarding website enhancements and whether the workshop will streamed live.

A special thanks to the University of Florida’s Center for High Speed Computing (CHREC, http://www.chrec.org/) for hosting the website with Live Wire Geeks (http://livewiregeeks.com) and to Vantage Systems (http://www.vansysinc.com/) for providing additional help in getting the website off the ground.

Thank you for participating in the cFS Community!