Airbus Cockpit at night

12/12/16 cFS Workshop

This is a little belated news…  On Monday 12/12/16 we held a cFS Workshop that kicked off the week-long Flight Software Workshop. It was well attended both in person and online.  Unfortunately we didn’t have two-way communication for the…
Airbus Cockpit at night

Welcome to the cFS Website

Welcome to the new cFS website.  This website is intended to help engage the cFS community allowing for more participation and collaboration. Some key initial communication features include: Q&A - Users can post questions and answers…

Features of cFS

Software Architecture Design Features The cFS is a software suite that was designed to help develop flight quality software with reduced cost and schedule. The cFS embraces processes such as reuse, development standards, collaboration, and…

Benefits of cFS

cFS is a complete software engineering solution that includes a set of components with reusable requirements, source code, design documentation, development standards, unit tests, functional build and system tests, test artifacts, tool suite,…
Airbus Cockpit at night

Applications and cFS

THE FIELD OF AEROSPACE Projects across the aerospace industry can benefit greatly by using the Core Flight System (cFS) or similar architectures. This has been recognized by NASA, industry, Department of Defense, US intelligence community,…